Tip 1: Write clear paragraphs

Ensure that you have clear paragraphs. I suggest starting the paragraphs with a sentence that shows the reader what the following lines of text are all about.

We tend to skip through long texts and just read the beginning of blocks of text to find out if the content interests us or not.

Make sure that those paragraphs are not too long and I tend to use not more than 5-8 lines of text.


Tip 2: Write short sentences

It is good practice to write short sentences as they are much easier to read. This, of course, depends on the language you are writing in.

I tend to write sentences that are no longer than 15 words. If I need to use a longer sentence to bring my thoughts across then I will try and limit this to one of those sentences per paragraph.

English is not my native language it helps me to avoid grammatical errors. One thing you definitely want to avoid are errors in your text.


Tip 3: No difficult words

Try to avoid difficult words or abbreviations as you are writing for a potential client/follower. They might not understand what you are trying to say and lose interest in your article.

I try to avoid words with four or more syllables.

If you do need to use terms that are specific to the content of your article then try and explain what they mean.

Your reader might just have started in a certain field and is not familiar with all the terminology.

I will write later about the keywords you should use to enhance the optimization of search engines.


Tip 4: Use transition words

You can make your writing much easier to read by using a signal word.

Therefore the reader sees the connection between paragraphs and sentences.

They realize what is about to happen, e.g. if you summarise your content to focus on the outcome.

The reader will understand better what you are trying to say.


Tip 5: Use all the above!

If you use all of the above, then the reader will be captivated by your article. They won’t get bored or overwhelmed by a long text and keep on reading.

In my next article, I will write about keywords and how to optimize your text for the search engines.

You want to be found on Google after all.