I read an article which mentioned James Robert Lay, CEO of the Digital Growth Institute, detailing the five most deadly digital marketing mistakes businesses are making:

1️⃣ No plan. Don’t get stuck in “the now,” he says. Create space and time to think, do, and reflect on your marketing efforts.

2️⃣ No buy-in. You can’t fear the unknown, change, or failure. Giving into those fears are why mighty brands such as Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and Sears crumbled.

3️⃣ No journeys. Don’t ignore the buying journey that most consumers use today, which starts online. “The consumer journey must be at the heart of all you do,” he says.

4️⃣ No respect. The marketing discipline must have a strategic role in your business’s future.

5️⃣ No differentiation. Go beyond “free” or other bullet point feature marketing. Tell your story and how you will be a trusted brand, he says.

The bottom line, according to Lay: Help first, sell second. Put consumers’ journey at the center of all that you do. And be a helpful guide.✔️

This is something I always do and the customer comes first.

Show interest and try to find out about the client and advise not sell.

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