…and how to find him?

First of all, you need to define good. What is a good website designer? In my view it`s someone who does not build something that looks nice, it’s someone who builds a website that helps the client achieve their aims and objectives for the website.

Too many people get caught up in what looks good rather than what actually helps a client get a return. To do this you first need to understand the client and then propose solutions based on what they say. You need to ensure you are properly briefed and then from that we formulate a plan to help ensure we provide a solution to their problems.

Here is the questionnaire we use for all our clients.

So to get back onto your original question…

Someone who asks questions

Someone who provides value

Someone who listens to the client

Someone who provides solutions to problems, rather than more problems

Someone who designs and codes using modern standards

Someone is offers on-going help

Someone who does not rip off a client or provide a poor service

There are probably more points I could make but a good web design service is very subjective.

“What’s good to one person might not be good to someone else.”

Every professional developer out there with half a brain is going to say and should say, that they do. The question is extremely open-ended and broad. If you’re trying to find a reputable professional in your area to work with, go to Google, type in “web design” followed by your city and country. Then look for a professional who has a modern website, lists references from real people you can verify, has educational credentials and professional memberships and live sites you can look at. Ensure they use contracts, ask about goals and long-term marketing strategies, organize your thoughts and goals and content, and work with a pro.

With the World Wide Web becoming an integral part of the day to day life, there is a need to become active online for every business venture. With that comes the hunt for a web designing agency to deliver the quality work for one’s business idea and bring alive in the form of a website.

Every company should always aspire to create simple-to-use intuitive solutions for its customers, whether it’s for a boat broker or an English school.

Website design has a great role to play in your online success. If you have poor website designs it will be a major drawback and there are chances that you are going to lose potential clients. Most consumers prefer an easy to use website where they can buy products or get value.

In a few words:


-who is easily irritated by non-justified text?

-who hates poor alignments.

-who knows the magic of typography.

-who is always curious to pick trends.

-who knows the importance of responsiveness.

-who knows what visitors are looking for.

-who hates “Comic Sans MS”

-who understands the value of images.

-who absolutely hates high contrasts.

-who knows the proper feel of shadows.

or say, someone who actually understands design, because the code is easy to read, the design is not.

After you chose great design and modern content management system, the third important thing is to choose the best web hosting provider for your website.

A technical environment like maintaining servers, updating server software and solving security related problems needs highly skilled staff and sophisticated equipment.

It really matters how simple is to register a new domain, create email accounts, handle database connections and have daily backups of your website. Some web hosting companies are just better than others and we experienced all sort of issues with different web hosts. The third suggestion would be to choose proper web hosting company and you will have a website that runs smoothly and you don’t need to waste your precious time on trivial technical issues.